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Evaluate the dominaing thoughts, weigh them and decide which ones get to rule the kingdom.

If either fear, defeat or self pity happen to be dominating then the generation of processed thoughts become tagged to these class. These kind of thoughts have to be abolished and make sure no member of it’s body is surviving.

When the dominating thoughts are the I can, i will, do it, pursue it, excel then we need to keep this mama well groomed and fed.

The dare thoughts scout around and test our limits. They are competitive and want to try out new ideas. They are active thoughts. The dominating thoughts are dependent on the energy the dare thoughts produce.

Then there are the guardian thoughts fueled with faith and hope. They are fundamental and ensure that success is achieved. They create resistance against all odds. Impossiblities,discouragements and fear cannot go past. They are the keepers of what has not materialised yet.

Our thoughts shape us and determine our direction. Only keep healthy thoughts. Thoughts that are highly productive.


Its been a while and the pain is no more.

I see so much of you in your siblings.

When you left, my hands felt lighter and heart empty.

With little hope to hold onto.

The doctors reports suggested i would never experience the joy of motherhood again.

But i had a promise. A promise that God gave me as you breathed your last breath in my arms.

J is almost four now.. He fills in your space like a pro. He leads like a first.

God promised me a son and he delivered. Exactly the time He foretold.

He said to me,he is a God of all seasons and i have testified of that.

When J was conceived i was told the risks of developing the same heart issues like you were higher , i was also told never to dare conceiving again. I hadn’t even recovered from the heavy sedation. But i chose the path of faith. Your dad asked me, “Whose report will you believe,” and we chose the Lord’s report

I dared one and a half years later and this time all was great till the princess decided to arrive early.

I cried my heart out knowing the risk she faced. But again God reassured me that He was not done with me yet.. At that time a song of praise sprung.

This time the doctor said i had one more chance. Now he is motion with my faith.

Though “S” developed breathing complications i was at peace coz i had a promise

My keeper was watching over us.

In soo much pain i walked to the NICU every two hours to speak God’s word over her as i breastfed her.

For every negative report, i countered with God’s promise.

What could have been a months stay lasted three days.

Nobody could believe how fast that was. But the creator spoke and His word was enough.

Though the minor set back’s ,our princess bounced back like the little fighter she is.

She grows so fast and she is very pretty and smart.

Every time i remember how fragile she was i see God’s goodness.

She is very strong and healthy.

Am greatfull to those who taught me faith, to those who reflected it and those who stood by my crazy faith.

To those who wait upon the Lord,put you faith in motion. J and S are a product of grace and faith. This journey taught me how to pray and be patient.

I learnt to trust the process.

Elijah was a man like us and he prayed EARNESTLY….

With 😍

Faith sprinkler

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Though we face many tribulations each day in this world let us be of good cheer, let our hearts not get troubled as Jesus overcame the world John 16:33. For in Him we live, move and have our being Acts 17:28.

Worry culminates where there is no hope nor faith. It’s like the unwanted weeds in our gardens that compete with the cultivated plants. They are stubborn and keep recurring and the most annoying part is that they germinate alot faster than the crops. This is exactly what worry does to us,it is stubborn, grows very fast if not dealt with and threatenes our peace.

Weed it out with God’s word. Never encourage it by providing a habitable ground. Keep tilling your life in prayer and God’s word.

Always Remember that:

Worry can never add a day to your life nor a cubit to your height Luke 12:25.

Pray about everything. When faith dominates worry weakens. Philippians 4:6. Remember to present your request to God by prayer and petition with thanksgiving.

Worry steals your joy, peace and clarity. Prov 12:25 Anxiety weighs down the heart.

Be kind to yourself for you are far more worthy to the Lord your God Matt 10:31. Cast all your anxieties to God for He cares for you. 1Peter 5:7

Never worry about what to say, God will always provide to you the right words to say even when your adversaries present false accusations against you Luke 21:14-15

God has promised you the kind of peace that surpasses all understanding. Philippians 4:7

And most importantly if you continue to seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness every thing else will be added to you. Matt 6:33

Be blessed!

The measure of any human is his/her character. Never temporarily adopt bad habits to deal with certain issues, circumstances or people. Let your principles, values and dignity bring positive impact even to those who deal with you brutaly.

Be angry for a moment but don’t hold on to it.

Learn to take time before you answer, lest you lash out something you can’t take back.

Always know how to retrieve your cool even in the most heated moments.


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