Be The Best You Always

Posted on: August 15, 2020

The measure of any human is his/her character. Never temporarily adopt bad habits to deal with certain issues, circumstances or people. Let your principles, values and dignity bring positive impact even to those who deal with you brutaly.

Be angry for a moment but don’t hold on to it.

Learn to take time before you answer, lest you lash out something you can’t take back.

Always know how to retrieve your cool even in the most heated moments.

8 Responses to "Be The Best You Always"

A-MEN well expressed. character – our inner being is more important than our outer shell its colour appearance etc. IT is our spirit/soul Jesus came to save, He works our whole life to make this inner ….. worthy to be with HIM eternally. Yes indeed love HIM,,,,,,Let HIM make us in character truly like God, Repentance, Forgiveness given and accepted, is part of THE WAY..home .Blessings!

Thankyou very much. We die to self and alive in Him who loved us first

Well expressed!!

Thank you for stopping by

My pleasure!!💕💕

True words! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you too.

Your welcome 😃🙏💛

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