Our thoughts 2

Posted on: August 26, 2020

Evaluate the dominaing thoughts, weigh them and decide which ones get to rule the kingdom.

If either fear, defeat or self pity happen to be dominating then the generation of processed thoughts become tagged to these class. These kind of thoughts have to be abolished and make sure no member of it’s body is surviving.

When the dominating thoughts are the I can, i will, do it, pursue it, excel then we need to keep this mama well groomed and fed.

The dare thoughts scout around and test our limits. They are competitive and want to try out new ideas. They are active thoughts. The dominating thoughts are dependent on the energy the dare thoughts produce.

Then there are the guardian thoughts fueled with faith and hope. They are fundamental and ensure that success is achieved. They create resistance against all odds. Impossiblities,discouragements and fear cannot go past. They are the keepers of what has not materialised yet.

Our thoughts shape us and determine our direction. Only keep healthy thoughts. Thoughts that are highly productive.


6 Responses to "Our thoughts 2"

I absolutely love the way you described the thoughts hierarchy!! Indeed we need the surviving dominating thoughts we need must cancel out inferior thoughts of fear and dismay to lead a satisfied life with a healthy mind full of self empowered thought. Thank you for such a relating post.

Thank you so much. We indeed perform our best when our mind is full of positive thinking

Soo beautifully penned..!😊

It’s such a blessing reading your blog🌻

Thank you so much for your kind words 😊🙏

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