Posted on: September 1, 2020

More often than not the world views an individual as a product. Generally speaking there are products that do very well after introduction, others have to be reviewed and adjusted after the pilot period while others are completely withdrawn because the market did not value them enough for the manufacturer to keep up with the production.

I don’t know about you but am that product that did not have enough strategies for its market.( working on improving my strategies😃). I have seen people propel alot faster just after launching themselves to the world without any hitches. They hit the ground running. These kind of people understand their worth and keep growing and bettering themselves. Though there are some who just stayed rigid and never made attempts to be better thus the market competition faced them off.

Some people simply start all over again time after time. They are resilient they work so hard and no amount of rejection will deter them. Sometimes it’s about the marketing strategy, redesigning, repricing or repackaging. The world might not understand how much effort they put into being the best out there but they still make it.

I would not advocate anyone to ever withdraw from offering the world what they’ve got but incase you chose the wrong ideas then its advisable to go back to the drawing board. Never offer somebody else’s dream start over and give your originality and the world will accept you.

Points to take home.

1) Always offer unique, fresh and original ideas.

2) If you ever offer duplicated ideas, be ready to repackage them better, to price them lower and fight the competition.

3) Be elastic, always have room for growth and change.

4) Being original doesn’t imply you relax. Copycats can surface at any time and do better. “Grafted success

5) You can always grow from where others stopped.

Thank you!

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